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More Honda Problems

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I continue to get questions regarding Honda’s TSB 09-010, “Engine rattles at cold startup”.  If other’s would like to weigh-in with answers/help, I’m sure fellow Honda owners would appreciate it!  Please leave your answers below. Thanks so much! (Click on the question/box below to read full question and answer under “Leave a Comment/Reply”).

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2013 Honda Accord Question

I own a 2013 Honda Accord Sport and it has that rattle on start ups and is now consuming oil. Before I get to the 5000 miles it will be more then 3 quarts low. Which means my oil light is coming on when I stop at a light or stop sign. I have taken my car to Spreen Honda where I serviced the car since I bought it. They said it could be my VTC accuator. Does that fit with the 2008-2012 Honda Accords problems? ~Steve Whittaker

2007 Honda Civic Question

Hi there, I’m having the same issue with the cold start up as well in my 2007 Honda Civic si as well but I don’t see any tsb for it just for the accords and crvs please help! It’s definitely the same issue for my car .~Michael Camacho

2012 & 2014 Honda CR-V Question

I currently own a 2012 and 2014 CR-V both are AWD and purchased new. Both have been taken to dealerships for routine maintenance as needed per their respective Maintenance Minder. The 2014 has had the VTC actuator rattle since almost new. U notified the dealer promptly ad was told they either couldn't replicate or it was "normal" and needed no correction. At about 90k the oil indicator came on and it was due to low oil - 2 quarts. Now drinks about a quart every 2,500 mi. Today my wife called to let me know that her VSA, EPS, and malfunction indicator lamp came in simultaneously in the 2012. She has about 52k miles on that one. She has reported infrequent rattle but still some. Come to find out that she was also 2 quarts low. Neither of us had been notified by the dealer of prior low oil levels or consumption issues prior to the indicator lights. Dealer's resolution is to have oil changed every 3-5k miles. Or, have the piston rings cleaned/replaced at a cost of $1,600 each and that may not correct the HTC rattle. I have driven Hondas for the last 14 years because of their reliability and low cost to own. Now I'm staring at huge bills that may not correct the problem. Thoughts on what we can do to help the cause to get this more attention? We're a little lost and irritated. Would appreciate any help. Thank you! ~Nicholas Felder

VTC Actuator & High Oil Consumption Help Request


I have 2010 Honda CRV . Issues with my car started to rattle brought to Honda and they do fix the VCT actuator. After a year it started to rattle again. 2nd issue; high oil consumption. Recived a letter from American Honda as well. Honda did the test and they said that the car doesn't have issues with oil consumption, it was a bad test, so I asked them to repeat the test. We just did the oil change then, now it's 970 miles and there's only 30% oil left which means that 1000 miles car consumed almost 3 quarts of oil. Please help me.  ~ Joel Dineros


Hi Joel,

I've just recently discovered an updated TSB 12-089 which covers high oil consumption in 2010 and 2011 CR-V's. It extends the previous warranty as stated:

American Honda is extending the warranty coverage on the Piston Rings and Pistons for 2010-11 CR-V 2WD and 4WD to 8 years from the original date of purchase or 125,000 miles, whichever comes first.

American Honda; TSB 12-089 , Version 9

Sounds to me like your Honda dealer isn't being honest when they're telling you your CR-V doesn't have a problem. Can you try a different dealership? You can always call American Honda and ask which dealership they would recommend. Be sure you take notes/keep records of all of your conversations for future reference.

I hope this helps!


If you can help, please leave your response below. Thank-you!

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  • I purchased a used 2012 Honda CRV last year. It has the vtc actuator problem. Wrote to Honda and they did call but they will offer no assistance with this problem. They have known about this issue for years. I think Honda owners should file a class action suit against Honda.

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