Honda Engine Rattles at Cold Startup TSB #09-010 and TSB #16-012

Do you own a 2008-2012 Honda Accord, 2012-2015 Crosstour or a 2012-2014 Honda CR-V? Does your engine rattle on cold startup? Have high oil consumption? If so, you're at risk for catastrophic engine failure!

Our Report Includes 
  • Latest TSB 09-010
  • Parts List
    - for do-it-yourselfers
  • Who to Contact
     -all contact info
  •  What to Say 
    - the links & info I used  to get my car repaired for under $100
The result of a VTC actuator complete mechanical failure is catastrophic.  The valves from the intake of either cylinder  2 and 3 or 1 and 4 WILL result in a tensioner failure and a fantastic collision of the valve with the piston.  ~ drive
What Information is Included In the Report?

  • -Latest TSB 09-010 v5 "Engine Rattles at Cold Startup" (2/25/2017)
  • -TSB 16-012 v2 "Engine Rattles at Cold Startup" (2/23/2017)
  • -Parts List (for DIYers) 
  • -Where to Look & How to Use TSB's, Recalls & Customer Complaints to Get Your Car Repaired For No or Lowest Cost Possible
  • -Links to all Owner Manuals 
  • -Links to court documents regarding TSB 12-087 "Sticking Piston Rings Resulting In Unusually High Oil Consumption" 
  • -Latest TSB 12-087 v7 "Sticking Piston Rings Resulting In Unusually High Oil Consumption" (January 2018) 

Honda Accord VTC Actuator Engine Rattles on Cold Startup
2008-2012 HONDA ACCORD 
 All 2008-2012 Honda Accords Affected

TSB's For "Engine Rattles on Cold Startup (including latest TSB dated 2/25/2017)

2012-2014 HONDA CR-V

All 2012 CR-V's Affected

2013 CR-V (2WD)

5J6RM3H 000001 thru 5J6RM3H 033075 2HKRM3H 000001 thru 2HKRM3H 513144 3CZRM3H 000001 thru 3CZRM3H 707736 

 2013 CR-V (4WD)

5J6RM4H 000001 thru 5J6RM4H 067486 2HKRM4H 000001 thru 2HKRM4H 658914 

2014 CR-V (2WD/4WD) ALL


2012 Honda CR-V Engine Rattle
2013 Honda Crosstour Engine Rattles at Cold Startup
 All 2012 Crosstours Affected (2WD)

2013 Crosstour (2WD)

5J6TF3H 000001 thru 5J6TF3H 004260

All 2014-2015  Crosstours (2WD) 

 What Do Other Blog Readers Have to Say?
"Just want to thank you all for the info here. ….if i had to pay to parts and labor on the VTC actuator problem total amount will be $717.94 and i just paid $100.00…."

skyraiD RCS
"Btw love that this site gave me answers !"

ALL Honda Accords (2008-2012), Honda CR-V's (2012-2014), & Honda Crosstours (2012-2015), have this VTC actuator problem! (Check VIN # on charts below). My eReport gives you the info, (including latest TSB #09-010 - February 25th, 2017), you need to get your car fixed for no or low cost. Don't wait until it's too late!
TSB 09-010
TSB 16-012
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